Research Projects

The Highland Institute is a project-based research centre, and thus is primarily concerned with facilitating, supporting, and nurturing research projects within its various focus areas. Projects include supervised research work such as doctoral and post-doctoral projects, typically in coordination with other universities or centres of learning; large multi-year projects principally funded through public research funds; and independent research initiatives, typically funded through a combination of small and large private grants. Sometimes stand-alone events, such as workshops and seminars, are treated like projects, depending on their financial / budget structure, and duration.

The projects listed in these pages are a sampling of ongoing research work either directly coordinated by Highland Institute staff, or coordinated from the Highland Institute in Kohima, Nagaland.


The URBALTOUR project in Nagaland investigates the interplay between urbanization and tourism in South and Southeast Asia’s mountainous regions. Focusing on Kohima, Nagaland, the study explores the transformation of the city due to the surge in tourism, propelled by events…


PluriMed envisions a world where the rich diversity of medical knowledge and practices is embraced, promoting a holistic understanding of health that transcends conventional boundaries and nurtures global health equity. We are committed to advancing this vision by fostering groundbreaking…