Who We Are

Established in 2013 and registered in Nagaland, India, the Highland Institute is a pioneering independent research centre dedicated to addressing complex socio-political, cultural, historical, environmental, and developmental challenges in Highland Asia and beyond. Our mission is to drive meaningful change through rigorous research and collaborative innovation.

What We Do

We partner with academic and governmental institutions, both in India and internationally, to design and execute comprehensive field studies. Our findings are disseminated globally through academic symposia and peer-reviewed journals, contributing vital insights into critical issues in our focal regions. Supported by an international community of research fellows, our initiatives include co-investigative projects, research exchanges, and innovative postgraduate courses.

Educational Initiatives

Our School of Advanced Studies, commonly referred to as the ‘Summer School,’ is specifically designed to train aspiring researchers to engage effectively with both field and archival research activities. This programme not only enhances their research capabilities but also prepares them to contribute to our ongoing projects and broader academic discussions.

Our Partnerships

We maintain strong academic collaborations with institutions like UiT the Arctic University of Norway, the University of Campinas in Brazil, and prestigious UK universities such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, Oxford, and Sussex. Locally, we partner with universities such as Ambedkar Delhi and RV Bangalore, along with regional institutions like the universities of Assam and Nagaland, the Centre for Karbi Studies, Kohima Science College, and government colleges in Dimapur and Phek.

Engagement Beyond Academia

We actively engage with the Government of Nagaland’s departments, including Art and Culture, Health and Family Welfare, the Nagaland State Biodiversity Board, and the State Climate Change Cell. Additionally, our work with non-academic organizations such as Doctors For You, the International Development Research Centre of Canada, the Danish Institute for International Studies, and Oxford Policy Management expands our impact across various sectors.