Ekologos – a Global Environmental Humanities Initiative

Ekologos is a collaborative project funded by the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education, coordinated by UiT The Arctic University of Norway; the Institute of Marine Research, Norway; the State University of Campinas UNICAMP, Brazil; RV University, Bangalore; Doctors For You, Mumbai; and the Highland Institute, Nagaland.

The project engages pedagogically with the critical climate changes affecting the Arctic, South America, South Asia, and Himalaya regions. Through student and staff exchanges, and collaborative research, the objective is to critically engage and amplify the voices of local and indigenous communities and those disproportionately impacted by climate change.

The initiative aims to overcome the limitations of conventional approaches to environmental science and knowledge dissemination by combining Western scientific approaches with the perspectives and knowledge systems of traditional and indigenous communities. This will enable the development of new, collaborative methodologies and create multidisciplinary approaches to foster a new generation of resilient, skilled scholars. The Ekologos team is dedicated to building strong links between our institutions, facilitating exchange, collaborating in knowledge dissemination, and addressing the urgent need for international cooperation in tackling climate change.

By bridging the gaps between research and education, humanities and sciences, and academic and traditional knowledge, we are committed to developing a holistic understanding of climate change and its impacts on our world. Our diverse team of experts from various disciplines and cultures across three continents will ensure that the project is truly multidisciplinary and representative of a wide range of critical perspectives.

The Highland Institute is a full partner in Ekologos and will be involved in coordination, managing the Pluriversity Wiki, providing fellowships for study in Norway and Brazil, and hosting a Winter School in December 2023.

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