Keeper of Stories- Critical Readings of Easterine Kire’s Novels

Synopsis :

Highlander Books is delighted to announce the publication of Keeper of Stories, a selection of critical essays on the novels of Easterine Kire.

Edited by K.B. Veio Pou, Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Delhi, the volume includes contributions from 15 distinguished writers with an interest in Northeast India who delve into Kire’s unique writing style to extract a rich variety of themes related to Naga culture and heritage.

Through the various chapters, the reader gains an understanding of Naga cosmology, important aspects of Naga history, the trauma of conflict, the power of folklore, myth, and legend, the treatment of death in Naga society, and much more.

The book’s preamble explains that the volume is a response to the increasing need for critical materials on literary and cultural studies from the Northeast.

In the Introduction, the editor, K.B. Veio Pou, states that the decision to focus on the works of Easterine Kire reflects her standing as a pioneer of Anglophone writing in the region and the academic attention her work has garnered across the country.

Commenting on the book, the volume’s publisher, Michael Heneise, said, ‘Keeper of Stories embodies the vision of Highlander Press, which is dedicated to promoting indigenous voices and fostering a more inclusive literary landscape. This book reflects the vital role that indigenous literature plays in shaping our understanding of India and the Himalayan region.’

ForewordK.B. Veio Pou
PublisherHighlander Books
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