Wayne Talbot


Wayne, an environmental science graduate, is experienced in the creation of mass participation projects involving partnerships between academic, commercial and voluntary organisations. He also has a Master of Philosophy, obtained through research into education programme evaluation. Using a bespoke method to improve participation developed over the last 10 years, Wayne has provided logistics and support for community-based programmes at various levels, from the United Nations to small community councils. In particular, he has worked with looked-after children and other groups that do not normally have a voice in community and educational projects. At an international level, Wayne has been a member of the IUCN Communication and Education Committee, and at a local level, he has served on the parish council.

After graduating in environmental science, Wayne worked to develop partnerships between academic, commercial and voluntary organisations for 10 years in his role as the national Education Officer for Wildlife Watch (part of The Wildlife Trusts), creating and delivering funding for public participation projects. In 1995, he contributed to the UN Rescue Mission project before establishing a business to develop and deliver public participation projects and consultations ranging from:

  • Developing, organising, and delivering a UNEP Youth Award rewarding and encouraging community action initiated by young people around the world supported by Volvo – the Volvo Adventure – for 12 years across 45 countries.
  • Researching factors affecting recycling behaviours for the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, working with groups through workshops, lesson plans and training sessions for relevant adult workers before organising and facilitating a conference between government representatives and other stakeholders to review the findings.
  • Enabling schoolchildren to have an input into the UK debate on radioactive waste management, including workshops and a conference with government officials.
  • Consulting with 112 schools in one county in the UK to engage pupils in a five-year initiative to save energy and promote reducing/reusing/recycling measures.
  • Working in the Tomsk Region of Siberia to introduce community forestry and develop sustainable forestry expertise with local people.
  • Scoping report for the Darwin Initiative on involving people in snow Leopard Conservation in the Altai region of Russia.
  • Advising on the development of community-based projects for the Yachana Foundation in Ecuador
  • Advising on community-led projects to enhance biodiversity in rural Illinois USA.