Rhelo Kenye


Rhelo Kenye is a Guest Faculty at the Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad. He has submitted his PhD thesis at the Department of Cultural Studies, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. His thesis titled “Folk Blues, Howey, and Pop: The Cultural Practice of Music in Contemporary Naga Society”, examined how music as a creative process of culture had and continues to reinforce, but also reconfigure, meanings and perceptions of the self and society in the Naga milieu.

Kenye continues to engage with research in the related fields of social history, the intersection(s) of popular culture and Naga traditional lifeworld, and Naga Writings in English. He is the co-editor of Discoursing the Shifts of Naga Society in Northeast India (upcoming). He is also the coordinator of the Naga Research Scholars’ Forum, Hyderabad. He completed his MA in English and MPhil in Comparative Literature from the University of Hyderabad.