Catriona Child

Highland Institute, Acting Director

Catriona Child is the Acting Director of the Highland Institute, and an independent researcher with socio-historical expertise on the Zeme Naga communities in Assam, Manipur, and Nagaland states in Northeast India. Holding a Master’s degree in environmental studies from the University College of North Wales, she is particularly interested in ethnobotany. In addition, she has been looking at linkages between colonial and postcolonial social histories in the North East as well as current efforts among indigenous communities and scholars to recover and preserve vernacular archives. At The Highland Institute, she has been involved in research on the provision of surgical care for rural patients in North East India for the Global Health Research Group.

Catriona is also an experienced editor and has been working with the Highlander Press on their recent publications.

A highly sought-after guide, she consults regularly for Cox & Kings and other travel companies and is involved with the establishment of one of the North East’s first indigenous-run, independent museums based in Laisong, Dima Hasao, Assam. She resides in both Kashmir and in New Delhi.