Bisakha Goswami

Dr Bisakha Goswami is an Assistant Professor of Musicology at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, where she has taught since 2012, and Founder Secretary of Muktabodha, a centre for Indological studies and research. Her main research interests are the historical musicology of South Asia as reflected in Sanskrit treatises, Tagore’s approach to music education, and the performing arts of ethnic minorities, including those of the Himalayas. She authored the publications Women in the Field of Music: A Study of Bengal (2014) and Tālārṇava: A Musicological Text of Bengal (2017). In addition, she has written several articles on musicology and ethnomusicology in India, Tagore’s views on introducing musicology in Indian universities, and unknown Sanskrit treatises on Indian musicology. Dr Goswami studied Social Cultural Anthropology at the University of Calcutta, where she completed her MSc in 2001, after which she studied Musicology at Rabindra Bharati University between 2001-2003. She then pursued a research project on “Women, Music and Culture: A Study of Bengal” with a Haraprasad Shastri Research Fellowship granted by the Asiatic Society (Calcutta) between 2004-2007. In 2015, Dr Goswami received her doctorate from Rabindra Bharati University for editing the 15th-century Sanskrit manuscript Ānandasañjīvana, which includes sections on Indian musicology. She currently investigates South Asian musicology of the medieval and early modern age. Moreover, she is interested in current developments regarding the teaching of musicology at South Asian academic institutions.